Election Hustings

hustings poster_2aAccording to a recent survey, the average user spends approximately 42 minutes a day interacting with Facebook.  Most of us will invest those 42 minutes trawling through our newsfeed, looking at people’s photos and updates and willingly assigning a digital tick identifying our appreciation of our “friend’s” current achievements, whether they be a picture of their child’s latest faux pas, something nice their partner did for them that day or simply the fact they’ve just checked in at McDonalds in Wychbold. But ask the average person which candidate they’re going to assign their electoral tick to in the coming general election and you’ll be met with a smorgasbord of responses justifying why they’re not going to bother voting at all. Why is it we’re ready to put our tick of approval next to the banal, the forgettable and the immediate but not against the things that will affect our future and our children’s future in this nation?

Churches together in Bromsgrove are hosting a “hustings” giving Bromsgrove people the chance to ask the candidates any questions they like.

Questions should be emailed beforehand to chair@churchestogetherinbromsgrove.org.uk

Join the event here