Trumpet Call

4 July, 2015 @ 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Birmingham, West Midlands B1 2EA
World Prayer


At TRUMPET CALL 2015, we will release a trumpet sound over our nationThe alarm alerts us to the dangers we face, and the opportunities we have to live out our Christian faith, and act by praying for our nations.  All around us things are being shaken – in our towns, cities, nation and the world. Our nation is in pain with abused children, broken families, lonely elderly persons, community tensions and young people with a sense of hopelessness. The Church is called to stand in the gap, and many are hungry to draw closer to God to see deep-rooted change in our communities.  

As we watch international media coverage, we see economic, political, social and physical shaking.  Persecution is on the increase. In 2014, one Christian was martyred for their faith every three minutes. By mid-2015, this has accelerated dramatically to one every two minutes. Every day we see thousands fleeing their homelands to escape persecution. In these challenging timeswe believe God is preparing His church and mobilising His people.

But what is happening here? Religions and ideologies are rushing to fill the spiritual and moral vacuum created by a society that says we don’t do God and we don’t need God. This is so evident in our towns and cities. es. We give thanks to God for our freedom and appreciate all that the Church is being and doing, but we believe an alarm must be sounded. In the Book of Numbers, trumpets were used to gather leaders, assemble the people, move the people forward, sound an alarm for war and celebrate God’s goodness.

As a nation, we desperately need God’s love, grace, mercy, justice and forgiveness which is provided for us through the life, death and resurrectionof His Son, The Lord Jesus Christ. This national day of prayer and worship is a day when we can stand together in humility and unity to declare that the Lord Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and that He is the way to the Father, and in and through Him we have eternal life. We will be praying:

  • To declare the pre-eminence of Christ
  • For the release of God’s Word and Spirit and the preaching of the Gospel
  • For the power of unity in the Body of Christ
  • For the Church to awaken to the seriousness of the situation.
  • For a mighty move of God in our children and young people.

We believe that this Trumpet Call is significant for the nation.  It is a time for warning, preparing and mobilising the Body of Christ. We invite you to come for a day of prayer and worship to TRUMPET CALL 2015 at the International Covention Centre (ICC) in Birmingham on Saturday 4th July. The ICC stands on the site of the Old Bingley Hall in the centre of Birmingham. Although used for many purposes, it was also used as a venue for preaching the gospel, which saw thousands of people coming to Christ. This strategic site is a well of salvation.  We welcome churches, youth groups, and prayer groups from all denominations and from none and from none. We hope they will go from the ICC inspired to blow the trumpet in their village, town and city, across the nation and into Europe.  The ticket cost for the day is £10. An offering will be taken during the day as we have tried to keep the entry fee low to enable more people to join us on the day. Order your tickets from w from or call 0121 633 7393.