Basement Project Winter Newsletter

We start this newsletter with a huge thank you to everyone who donated food, toiletries and other goods
over the Christmas period. Every year the good people of Bromsgrove and surrounding districts amaze us
with their generosity – and this year was no exception. In fact this year was the best ever! We had schools,
churches and other organisations collecting on our behalf, families calling in with items, sometimes every
hour, and even people deciding not to buy each other presents for Christmas but giving to Basement clients
instead. Final word to one of our clients, Sarah, who said: “I couldn’t have afforded
much this year and wasn’t really looking forward to Christmas. Then you came
round with a big food hamper and presents for my son and me. It really
cheered me up. Thank you for everything you have helped me with this year.”

To read more, download the PDF Newsletter No 14