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Any posts that are not necessarily local to Bromsgrove, but may be of interest to Christians.

Trumpet Call 2015

SOUND THE ALARM! PROCLAIM GOOD NEWS! At TRUMPET CALL 2015, we will release a trumpet sound over our nation. The alarm alerts us to the dangers we face, and the opportunities we have to live out our Christian faith, and act by

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Election Hustings

According to a recent survey, the average user spends approximately 42 minutes a day interacting with Facebook.  Most of us will invest those 42 minutes trawling through our newsfeed, looking at people’s photos and updates and willingly assigning a digital

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Pilgrimage to ISTANBUL and the EARLY CHURCHES of ASIA

3 – 13 MAY 2016 Rev Richard Wilde is considering a pilgrimage to Istanbul and the early churches of Asia. See the attached pdf.  Are you interested? The group he took to Greece in 2014 included several denominations and folk from his

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Christian Unity Week 2015

INTRODUCTION TO THIS YEAR’S THEME 1. Who drinks of this water… Journey, scorching sun, tiredness, thirst … “Give me to drink.” This is a demand of all human beings. God, who becomes human in Christ (Jn 1:14) and empties himself

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Basement Project Newsletter

Thanks ASDA– and your shoppers! Once again ASDA have come up trumps allowing us to collect food outside their store in the town. And once again the ASDA shoppers have responded to our pleas for tins and packets marvellously. We

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Christian Unity Week

INTRODUCTION TO THIS YEAR’S THEME This year’s theme comes to us from the Churches of French Canada. Canadians live in a country that is marked by diversity in language, culture, and even climate, and it also embodies diversity in expressions of

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Coming soon – The Bible epic TV mini-series

The first episode of the epic TV mini-series THE BIBLE will be broadcast at 9pm on Saturday 30th November on Channel 5. Find out more at This will be a 10 part series of about 2 hours each.

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